Science and Tradition
Lambert Houniet was born in Amsterdam on July 15 1941. From 1964 he studied at the Mittenwald school for Violinmaking where he learned to build violins, violas, cellos and viols. In 1968 he studied further with master violinmaker Vladimir Pilar in Czechoslovakia who taught him to built tone in an instrument. From 1969 Houniet worked in the atelier of Charles Beare in London where he learned the art of restoration. In 1972 Houniet started his own workshop in Edinburgh where he worked for 10 years before moving his workshop to Utrecht. In 1979 Houniet was invited to become a member of the International Society of Violin- and Bow makers. Since his training Houniet constructed around 130 instruments, played all over the world.
Houniet History